a decentralized RESTful API

This page is intended as demo of the basic functionality of the KLKS dAPI, we're working on a detailed documentation that will be ready soon.
Please note that in this test phase all addresses and keys are maintained in our official node, his use is intended ONLY for test and development purposes. The complete documentation to create and maintain your Special Node from which to generate their own KLKS dAPI address and keys will be available very soon.

Obtain a new dAPI Key
The KLKS dAPI key consists of 4 different parts:
1) dAPI Public Key: in this key you've a bunch of fundamental informations, you've to use it in any API call
2) dAPI Secret: with this secret you can decrypt and encrypt data, you've to use it in any API call
3) dApp address: your public KLKS address
4) dApp address private key: the key for the address, this is the proof of the ownership, never share it!
Endpoint: /init POST
{{ dapikey_response }}
Write data into the blockchain
In order to write data into the blockchain you've to top up your generated account with some $KLKS. In this beta test, after obtained your private key and a new public address (already funded with with 0.05 KLKS exclusively for tests), you are now able to write data on the Kalkulus blockchain.
A single call costs 0.002 KLKS, usually a small amount of encrypted data use 3 or 4 transactions, so it will cost around 0.008 KLKS, not too much right?

Please Note: writing your own UUID, it is possible to obtain a progressive data management in such a way that the KLKS dAPI returns only the updated data parameters.
Those parameters refers to the most recent blocks, while maintaining a permanent history that can always be accessed to check the changes made.


Endpoint: /write POST
{{ writereturn }}
Read data from the blockchain
You can read data written on the blockchain as soon as the network process the block where the data/message are written (approx 1 or 2 minutes).
You can read a single UUID or an entire address and filter it by collection or refID.

dAPI Secret

Endpoint: /read POST
{{ readreturn }}
Invalidate data dAPI side
This is a simple process and allow to invalidate data in order that dAPI not be returned in the calls.

Endpoint: /invalidate POST
{{ invalidatereturn }}
Kalkulus dAPI is an official project, developed and mantained by Kalkulus Team & TuringLabs.
More info about Kalkulus project here.